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NOTE:   This tool has been update to work with
ToolBook 8.9 SP3 (ToolBook 2004 Decaf)
and includes a new option for Decaf.
No update required from SP2

Adding HTML Code to DHTML Files

Sometimes we need additional functionality for our web-exported ToolBook programs.  This could be simple HTML code or even JavaScript. This functionality may need to reside in the index.html file for the program. If so, the HTML code can be added manually after exporting your project. However, it needs to be added to both the IE and Netscape index files AND it needs to be added each time that you re-export your project. This opens the door for errors and omissions that could require unnecessary troubleshooting trying to figure out why your program isn't working correctly.

Instead, by using this Developer's Exchange Tool you can easily add HTML code to your index files. This utility will insert the HTML code from a given file into the index.html file (for both ie4 and ns4) to any one of the following locations: After <HEAD>, Before </HEAD>, After <BODY> or Before </BODY>.

How Does This FreeBee Work?

After you have exported your project, while your project is still opened at author level, you simply open up the AddHTML via the Developer's Exchange Tools (select the Tools menu, then select Developer's Exchange Tools). Once the AddHTML tool is open select select your file that contains the HTML code, typically this file will be in your book's directory, then select the location where the code should be inserted. Now all you need to do is click on the Add Code button. The contents of the file will be inserted into the index.html files in both the ie4 and ns4 directories.

How Can This FreeBee Be Used?

You can use this FreeBee in your own development of ToolBook projects. You cannot give away or sell this FreeBee to others. If you want others to be able to use the FreeBee, please direct them to this site to register for the FreeBee Newsletter and access to all of the FreeBees.

How Does the FreeBee Work During Development?

You cannot run this Developer's Exchange Tool from here or directly off your hard drive; you need to run the tool through the Developer's Exchange System in ToolBook. To do that you will need a copy of the tool on your hard drive as the tool is not in the available when the "Remote Developer's Exchange Tools" is selected. Therefore you need to download it and install it into your Developer Exchange Tools directory. Note that there is no official Developer Exchange directory, I put all of my DevEx tools in a single folder.

Why I Developed this FreeBee

  1. My second FreeBee Quick Course shows how to enhance the Action System Prompts with JavaScript and VBScript. Adding VBScripts to the index.html files requires a few lines of HTML code that is beyond the capabilities of the AddJS Developer's Exchange Tool.

  2. The well known problem of scroll bars when you run your DHTML program at fullscreen in IE5.5 and 6.0. This also requires a few lines of HTML code.  Here is that code (thanks for Andrew Tegenkamp for posting this to the ToolBook ListServer :-)

  3. Another well known problem is the disabling of the Image Toolbar in IE6 for your exported ToolBooks, click here to read the KB (Knowledge Base) article.  Now the following will work for, however, with ToolBook version 8.9 SP2 - Decaf the exported pages are now individual html pages so we need the following htm tag inserted into each of these exported pages.  The latest update of this FreeBee tool include a new additional option to update "All HTML" pages, this can be seen in the above graphic which actually has all of the correct options set for disabling the Image Toolbar:-)
    As stated in the above KB, create a file using NotePad, call it ImageToolBarOff.txt. It should only have a single line of text:

Please note: As of ToolBook 9.01 you will not need to update your exported files to remove the Image Toolbars as ToolBook will now do that for you.

FreeBee Features

  • Automatically adds HTML code from a file in IE and/or NS index.html files. 

  • Eliminate mistakes made when manually adding HTML code.

  • One simple dialog box does everything you need.

  • Have instant access to the tool through your local Developers Exchange Tools.

FreeBee Details

Developed in ToolBook v8.1 and also available in v8.5

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Add HTML DevEx Tool


If you need help running this DevEx Tool locally, click here for the Click2Learn Knowledge Base Article that explains what you need to do.


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