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Enhancing the Action System Prompts with JavaScript and VBScript

How many times have you wished to have some control over what is displayed in the dialogs?  Have you ever wished your dialogs could:

  1. display a title relevant to your program, of your choosing?
  2. display an icon different from the default?
  3. display more relevant button captions?

All of the above are possible with VBScript although item 3 is not a feature covered in this FreeBee Quick Course.

How Does This FreeBee Work?

After going through the FreeBee Quick Course you will better understand how JavaScript and VBScript can be used together to customize Action System Prompts.  Maybe you are already thinking, "JavaScript???  VBScript???  This FreeBee is not for me."  Don't fret!  Subscribers will be given a link to download the free ASYM_MsgAsk ToolBook that includes a ASYM_MsgAsk Widget that makes it all very easy :-)

Access the FreeBee Quick Course

Download the ASYM_MsgAsk Widget

How Can This FreeBee Be Used?

All of the instructions of how to use the ASYM_MsgAsk Widget are included in the download files available to subscribers.

How Does the FreeBee Work During Development?

The ASYM_MsgAsk Widget uses Method Actions and therefore can only be used in ToolBook Instructor v8.5. A Method is similar to a Shared Action except that a Shared Action is stored in the book and a Method Action is stored in an object. Full instructions on how this free ASYM_MsgAsk Widget is provided in the download files.

Why I Developed this FreeBee

There have been several postings to the ToolBook list requesting the ability to improve Action System Prompts and several of my ToolBook customers already enjoy the benefits of these enhancements. Also, there is very little documentation on how to include VBScripts into a HTML page that uses JavaScript and thus few people know that this is possible.

FreeBee Details

Developed in ToolBook v8.5 and uses Method Actions.

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Enhancing the Action System Prompts with JavaScript and VBScript

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