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Have you ever had your export crash just before it was finished creating the DHTML?

Have you wanted to add additional functionality into your programs and have heard people talk about modifying the AXF file, but you didn't know what to do after that?

How many times have you exported your project only to find that some button was inadvertently left enabled or something that should have been hidden was showing?

If this sounds like you, then you need this FreeBee Tool.

For example, let's say that you do want to make a change to a button that you inadvertently left enabled.  Sure, you need to go back into your ToolBook to make these corrections so that they are permanent.  However, you can also make a quick and dirty modification to the AXF file that will in turn modify the DHTML code that is generated and fix your problem!  But, you have to be able to run the AXF to DHTML process without going through the full export process again.  That is where the AXF2DHTML tool comes in :-)

By using this Developer's Exchange Tool you can easily run your existing AXF file back through the DHTML conversion process without having to do a full export.

How Does This FreeBee Work?

The AXF2DHTML FreeBee works much the same way that the Expert ToolBook Web Specialist works, but it takes the existing AXF file and just puts that file through the DHTML conversion process.

How Can This FreeBee Be Used?

You can use this FreeBee in your own development of ToolBook projects.  You cannot give away or sell this FreeBee to others.  If you want others to be able to use the FreeBee, please direct them to this site to register for the FreeBee Newsletter and access to all of the FreeBees.

How Does the FreeBee Work During Development?

Required:  A complete AXF file.  This tool will not work on partial AXF files (that you may get if the export process crashes during the creation of the AXF file). 

After you have exported your project and modified your AXF file (you are on your own here, but I suggest you start by just reading the AXF file as it is pretty straightforward), you simply open up the AXF2DHTML DevEx Tool.  A modified version of the Expert ToolBook Web Specialist will open.  Click on the next button and the AXF2DHTML process will begin.

Why I Developed the FreeBee

I often makes modifications to the AXF file to add additional functionality to my projects.  This required a way to do the second half of the export process without recreating a new AXF file.  That is why I developed this tool and on some projects I have used it quite a bit :-)

FreeBee Features

  • Eliminate the frustration of almost finishing your export only to have the export crash in the DHTML conversion process.

  • Modify AXF files and then turn those files into DHTML without having to go through another full export.

FreeBee Details

Developed in ToolBook v8.1 and also available in v8.5.

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If you need help running this DevEx Tool locally, click here for the Click2Learn Knowledge Base Article that explains what you need to do.


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