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Setting and Reading Cookies from a ToolBook DHTML Lesson

To answer the frequent Toolbook ListServe question: 

"Is there any way to set and read cookies from a dhtml lesson?" 

YES there is!  Click here to see an example.

What is really happening?  Look at your cookies to find out.

How Does This FreeBee Work?

The cookies are set when your users enter their name and other important company information.  The next time that they log on the cookie gets read and knows who the user is.

Bonus Native Functionality!

What is really great about this FreeBee is that it is not just for dhtml deployed apps.  If you use the application natively it writes the same information into an .inf file.  That means you basically have identical functionality, regardless of how you deploy your project.

How Can This FreeBee Be Used?

You can use this FreeBee in your own development of ToolBook projects.  While you can pass this code onto others, it would be kind of you to credit Peter Jackson as the source of the code.  Remember to refer your fellow Toolbookers to this site to register for the FreeBee Newsletter and for access to all of the FreeBees.

How Does the FreeBee Work During Development?

What you get with this FreeBee is a sample book that contains the code used to generate the example.  The code has been documented to help you set up your own cookies.  The sky is the limit from here.  Just keep in mind that some people don't allow cookies to be stored on their computers.  Also, it is common courtesy to always set an expiration date for your cookies so that they eventually get cleaned off of your users machine.

Why I Developed the FreeBee

I have worked on many ToolBook DHTML projects where I have had to use cookies to remember things such as user preferences.  I developed the FreeBee in response to several questions on the TB ListServe about cookies.

FreeBee Features

  • You get the code and can modify it to fit your needs.

  • The script is well documented.

  • Someone with a basic understanding of Openscript should be able to have success with this.

  • Once you understand the basics of setting cookies you will be able use this code and modify it for your purposes.

  • This code will build .inf files natively so you will basically have the same functionality in your project whether it is deployed in native ToolBook, using Neuron, or in dhtml.

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Setting and Reading Cookies

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