FreeBee Newsletter #2


FreeBee Newsletter #2

December 2002


Four New FreeBees!

New Products

Share Your Projects with Others




Holiday greetings from Downunder :-)  I have been extremely busy between various projects for customers and training that I am doing for Click2Learn Asia-Pacific.  However, in between projects, I have been working on some FreeBees and some new Products.  As a subscriber, you will have access to all of the FreeBees.  To download the FreeBees use the username and password that you received with the e-mail notification of this FreeBee Newsletter.  If you are not already a subscriber, click here to subscribe and receive the username and password. 

Four New FreeBees!

FreeBee Quick Course:  A Better Message Box (DHTML) - If you have been wishing that you could have customized message boxes in your DHTML projects, now you can by combining VB Script and Java Script.  If this sounds scary to you, don't worry, the Quick Course will show you how to do it and the tool will basically do it for you :-)

Rotate Objects (Native and DHTML) - Did you know that ToolBook allows unrestricted values for the following objects' vertices: line, angledline, curve, polygon and irregularPolygon.  That means that you can rotate any of these objects and with the Rotate Developer's Exchange Tool, it will be easy - No Open Script or Actions required :-)

Add HTML Reference DevEx Tool (DHTML) - Do you want to add some extra code to your index.html file (maybe code that is required for your LMS or the code to get rid of scroll bars)?  What a pain it can become when you have to manually open up the index.html file and add the code each time you export...not to mention the opportunities for errors.  With this DevEx Tool, you can easily and accurately add additional html code to the header or body of the index files for either or both the ie4 and ns4 folders at the same time.

Add Methods Functionality to the Action Editor (Action System) - Action Methods are a new, totally cool but undocumented feature added to ToolBook version 8.5 that can expand what can be done with the Action System.  The problem is that the only way to add Methods is by using the command window...unless you use this tool which will modify your Actions Editor to include access to Actions Methods in addition to Shared Actions.

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New Products

Now Available - Introductory special only $99

PopText Tool - Add depth of content and interactivity to your project with this tool that lets you create pages within pages.

Coming Soon - Pre-order and save over $50 on each tool

Audios on the Background - Move your audio player to the background and set-up your playlist for each page in the special record filed.

WIT System - Add context sensitive-style help to your ToolBook projects.

Copy Protection (with automated on-line unlock) - Stop software piracy with a professional, easy to use licensing system that does not require any OpenScript to implement it :-)

SLMS (Student Log Management System) - A Simple Learning Management System that utilizes ToolBook Logging functionality to track learners, their scores, last page visited, bookmarks, and more.

Glossary Maintenance System - Create a simple or complex glossary system that is easy to maintain, update, and reuse in other projects.

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Share Your Projects With Others

I would like to repeat my offer to host a ToolBook Project Showcase area on  This is an opportunity for ToolBook developers to share projects or snip-its of projects with fellow ToolBookers.  I find that I get a lot of ideas and learn new ways to do things and presenting ideas by seeing what others are doing.  While we tend to think of ToolBook in terms of programming, in reality, OpenScript is a means and not the end.   Our projects are a combination of graphics, sound, video, navigation, content, a user interface, and many other elements that go into any good multimedia project.  Maybe you are not an OpenScript wizard, but you have a creative user interface or maybe you have discovered a cool way to use a certain question object or other item from the catalog.  If you think that your projects would be of interest to others, let me know.  You don't even have to provide the actual ToolBook project.  You can demonstrate it in a viewlet, as a powerpoint slide show, or even in simple graphics on an html page.

To encourage submissions, each quarter I award one contributor with a certificate good for one of my Catalog Object or DevEx Tools (up to $50US value).

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Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!

Well, that's it for now. I wish everyone a Healthy and Happy New Year.  Remember that I always appreciate feedback on the FreeBees as it will help me improve future FreeBees. Until next time, whenever that will be :-), happy ToolBooking!

Best regards and seasons greetings,

Peter Jackson


And now...a message from the marketing department...


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