FreeBee Newsletter #3


FreeBee Newsletter #3

Early May 2003


FreeBee Tip for Upgrading to ToolBook 8.6

TBCon:  Tough to Sell to the Boss?  Try this approach

Copy Protection System for ToolBook

StoryBoarding Tool to Speed ToolBook Development

NEW ToolBookDeveloper Tools:  Progress Bar & Popup Message Box Widgets

Cool! A Progress Bar that works Natively AND in dhtml but takes only  minutes to implement.  Only $49 through the end of May.


G'Day ToolBookers!

I wanted to get a quick Newsletter out in time for the release of the 8.6 upgrade as I have some tips that will help make the upgrade a little easier for you.  Also wanted to let you know that I have completed my Copy Protection Widget and have a demo available for that.  Finally, I am interested in getting some input on a new product that I am considering adding to my line of ToolBook Developer Products.  And, oh yes, I have two new ToolBookDeveloper Tools that you might want to check out.  All of my existing customers* get $25 off of either or $50 off of both of these tools if you purchase before June 1, 2003.

If you are new to the FreeBee newsletter, please consider subscribing.  As a subscriber, you will be the first to receive notice of new newsletters.  In addition, some of my FreeBee Tools (free utilities to make ToolBook development easier) are available only to subscribers.  Click here to subscribe. 

Best regards,

Peter Jackson


*If you aren't already an existing customer, all you need to do is buy one of my other products along with one of these new products to get the existing customer discount!

FreeBee Tips for Upgrading to ToolBook 8.6

There are two types of upgraders:  Those who upgrade the minute that the upgrade is available and those who avoid upgrades like the plague.  Regardless of your upgrade "style" this FreeBee tip (actually there are a whole bunch of tips) will help assure that you don't do something that you will regret for weeks and months to come.  If you are a seasoned developer and have already been through lots of upgrades you probably already know most of this.  But if you have ever ended up pulling your hair out after an upgrade, I will provide you with a process that will make the upgrade a little easier pill to swallow.  Access FreeBee Developer Upgrade Tips.

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Sure, TBCon is a lot of fun and for that reason, you just don't want to miss it.  But, "fun" is probably not the reason your company is going to pay for you to go to the conference.  You need to be able to cost justify the expense and show that there will be an ROI for the investment in the conference.  But, how do you do that?  <more>

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From time to time folks on the ToolBook List ask about copy protection (aka, "how do I make sure that others don't steal my content by copying disks or running the program on unauthorized machines?").  I am now using the Software Key Protection Plus system with several of my clients and because they are so happy with the system, I have developed a widget that enables ToolBook users to easily integrate the Protection Plus system into their own ToolBook projects.  To learn more about the Widget and the Protection Plus system, click here

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Would you be interested in this type of a tool???  I have recently developed a storyboarding system for a customer that uses PowerPoint as the storyboard.  The PowerPoint template is where the content for the program is developed.  The customer for whom I developed the system creates graphics, adds text, page titles and subtitles, audio text (narration), and pop-up text right in the powerpoint template.  All proofing for the program is done with the powerpoint template as well.  Then, once the project gets final approval and final graphics are created, their ToolBook developer uses a special ToolBook template that I created and literally with the push of a button (in the toolbook) the project is transferred from PowerPoint to ToolBook.  In the conversion process, all navigation is set, graphics are put onto the appropriate pages, and audios are assigned to the pages.  At this point, finishing the project is just a matter of adjusting the graphics on each page, assigning the pop-up text to a trigger, and doing a final check of the navigation. 

Several customers of mine have expressed an interest in this type of a system.  I am wondering if there might be a need for this type of a development tool.  I know that there are a lot of Assistant users out there who can get along just fine with that tool for their SME's.  But, there are a lot more people who understand and can use PowerPoint.  If you think that this is something that you or your company might be interested in, please let me know

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Two New ToolBook Developer Products - Special Price $49 each

Progress Bar Widget

  • Extremely easy to use

  • TB 8.5-8.6 Native/Neuron/DHTML

  • Have multiple progress bars for unit, lesson, section...the possibilities are endless.

Get more information on the Progress Bar Widget

Popup Message Box

  • TB 8.0-8.6 Native/Neuron/DHTML

  • Easily create pop-up message boxes with an attractive frame. 

  • Users can move the box anywhere on the screen.

  • Great for simulations - Helps conserve valuable screen real estate.

Get more information on the PopUp Box Maker


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