FreeBee Newsletter #4


FreeBee Newsletter #4

Pre-TBCon 2003

G'Day ToolBookers!

TBCon 2003

It is almost time for TBCon 2003!  This year I will be presenting a Pre-Conference Workshop on Sunday morning with Robin McDermott and will also be presenting three different conference sessions as well a co-presenting a forth session with Robin.  The Pre-Conference Workshop is on Rapid and Robust Development.  Two of my sessions are on complimentary topics:  Getting more from ToolBook's DHTML and a JavaScript Primer.  The third and forth sessions are Product Showcases...OK, you in the states would call them "infomercials." 

So, why should you attend these "infomercials?"  That's easy!  They are an excellent opportunity to learn more about a variety of products that will greatly enhance your development and delivery capabilities BEFORE you buy them. 

ToolBookDeveloper Tools Showcase:  Tuesday, July 29 at 1:50pm

If you have any doubt about how easy my tools are to use, if you attend my ToolBookDeveloper Tools session you will get a free license for one of my tools so you can see first-hand just how simple they are.  At this session I will be demonstrating how to use my most popular tools such as the ToolBook Pre-Loader, the PopText Tool, the AudioPlayer Widget, the Pop-Up Message Box Maker, and the Progress Bar Widget.

ESPRIT-LMS and PowerPoint Storyboarding System Showcase:  Monday, July 28 at 1:50pm

In this showcase you will get a first hand look at two powerful products that make it easy to develop and deliver e-learning (Native, Neuron, and Web-Based) using ToolBook.  ESPRIT-LMS is a Learning Management System co-developed by Resource Engineering (Robin McDermott's company) and my company, Nirvana Bound.  If you are delivering your ToolBookvia Neuron or the web you definitely want to check out this powerful yet affordable LMS. 

In this session we will also be introducing a new tool jointly developed by our two organizations; the PowerPoint StoryBoarding System.  You may already be familiar with this tool from past FreeBee Newsletters.  In a nutshell, it will take your PowerPoint StoryBoard and convert it to ToolBook with a near 100% conversion accuracy rate.  Text gets converted to text fields, hyperlinks get converted, graphics, name it you got it!  In fact, you don't even have to use the provided storyboard template.  You can convert any of your existing Powerpoints with nearly the same level of accuracy.  If you attend this session, bring along an existing PowerPoint (if you have one) and we will convert if for you for FREE as a thank you for attending the session.  You will go home with a nearly complete ToolBook project!

We are just putting finishing touches on our presentations and will be heading out to Colorado at the end of this week.  If you are attending the conference, we look forward to seeing you there.  For more information on all of our sessions go to:

Best regards,

Peter Jackson

Two Great ToolBook Developer Products - $75 each

Progress Bar Widget

  • Extremely easy to use

  • TB 8.5-8.6 Native/Neuron/DHTML

  • Have multiple progress bars for unit, lesson, section...the possibilities are endless.

Get more information on the Progress Bar Widget

Popup Message Box

  • TB 8.0-8.6 Native/Neuron/DHTML

  • Easily create pop-up message boxes with an attractive frame. 

  • Users can move the box anywhere on the screen.

  • Great for simulations - Helps conserve valuable screen real estate.

Get more information on the PopUp Box Maker

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