FreeBee Newsletter #6


FreeBee Newsletter #6

March 2005


  • NEW FreeBee!

  • Power Book Builder featured in SumTotal Systems Webinar

  • Decaf Upgrade Strategy

  • New Knowledge Base

  • Looking ahead to TBCon 2005

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While we are all eagerly awaiting the release of Decaf, I thought that I should get a FreeBee Newsletter out now before everyone is deep into upgrading their ToolBook projects. 

Decaf Upgrade Strategy

Speaking of Decaf, it would be worthwhile taking some time now, before Decaf comes out, to plan your upgrade strategy.  That's right - I said strategy.  While a good deal of alpha and beta testing has gone into Decaf, no doubt there will still be some bugs that we all have to deal with.  After all, Decaf represents a substantial change to the way that ToolBook generates and delivers DHTML.  For general upgrade guidelines that everyone should follow, please click here.

ToolBookDeveloper Knowledge Base

We now have a Knowledge Base on  It is actually a PHP discussion/webboard, but I am not using it for two-way communications at this point.  I don't want to duplicate efforts of the ToolBook listserve or the ToolBook Discussion group.  I am using this webboard format because it is easy to organize and easy to search.  I plan to include pre-sales information as well as technical support assistance for my products.  However, I will also use the webboard to archive code snip-its and other items that will be of interest to ToolBook Developers.  Check it out and let me know what you think

Power Book Builder Featured in SumTotal Systems Webinar

Robin McDermott shared the presentation stage with Lee Karns for the January SumTotal Systems ToolBook Webinar.  Robin discussed how Power Book Builder can be used to speed up the ToolBook development process.  If you missed the Webinar - never fear.  You can view a recording of the Webinar by clicking here.  Here you will learn about key features of Power Book Builder and you will also get to see it in action.

SumTotal Systems has invited Robin back to do another Webinar later in March.  This Webinar will focus on Best Practices for Rapid Development.  Here is a brief description of the Webinar: 

Are you looking for ways develop learning content in days instead of months? Robin McDermott, Director of Training for Resource Engineering, will share the rapid development techniques her organization employs using the ToolBook solution. Learn how these methods can speed your own development efforts so that you can work smarter, not harder.

The Webinar is FREE and will be offered on March 22 at 2:00pm EST (click here to register) and March 29 at 9:00am EST (click here to register).

NEW Knowledge Base Tip!  Overcoming Pop-Up Blocker issues with IE version 6.0.29 and higher

As more and more people are upgrading to Windows XP Service Pack 2 you will have more and more issues with the newly built-in pop-up blocker as well as the new pop-up window resizing feature.  Check out my knowledge base article on how to overcome these problems.  Please feel free to copy this article to add to your knowledge base (hey, why reinvent the wheel? ;-)  Click here for the article.

Looking Ahead to TBCon 2005

After sitting out TBCon last year (hey, it is a long journey from Australia!), I will be attending this years conference in Colorado Springs in early August.  I will be making four different presentations.  Topics will include:  Rapid Development, Turbocharging the Actions System with JavaScript and Methods Actions, and 25 Tips for dhtml.  I will also be presenting a Product showcase where you can see Power Book Builder in action as well as see how my other add-ons can make your development job much easier.  For more information on my TBCon presentations click here

NEW FREEBEE!  Action Trigger Widgets

The FreeBee is for everyone!  Native or DHTML, Beginner or can use this FreeBee.  With this FreeBee you can add some simple interactivity to your projects that pop-up and close (trigger :-) other objects on the page.  With this FreeBee which installs to your ToolBook program as a catalog object, you can easily add a neat little paperclip graphic to your ToolBook page that indicates, "click me for more information."  When your users clicks on the paperclip it will pop-up anything you want it to pop up - like a graphic, a field with text in it...the possibilities are endless!  Click here to access the ToolBookDeveloper FreeBee.

Featured Product:  Question Feedback Wrapper

You would think that there would be an easy way to visually indicate correct and incorrect answers in multiple choice and true-false questions, but there is not.  Typically people will add check mark graphics to the question object that indicate the correct answers.  These graphics are displayed once the question is scored.  Then, you need to have code on the page that assures the checks get hidden on leaving the page.  Basically it can be a big hassle.  Not so anymore!  With the Question Feedback Wrapper you can visually show your learners the right and wrong answers - and it is easy to implement.  Click here for more information on this new product.

NEW Knowledge Base Tip!  Get rid of that pesky image toolbar in your dhtml projects

If you have your have Internet Explorer 6 (IE 6), you may have noticed that whenever your mouse pointer (or mouse cursor) moves over an image, an image toolbar automatically pops up, giving you the option to save that image, resize it, print it, send the picture to someone in an email, etc.  Much as this may please some of your users, it annoys a number of fellow ToolBookers who are not thrilled that IE encourages copyright infringement by suggesting that it is acceptable to pilfer pictures from our programs. If you feel the same way, you may be comforted that it is an easy matter to prevent the toolbar from showing over images on your site.   This Knowledge Base article will show you how.  Click here to access it.

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