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September 2006


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I hope those of you in the northern hemisphere have had a nice summer and to those of us in the southern hemisphere...summer is just around the corner.

Click to Activate FreeBee Solves An Annoying Problem for ToolBook DHTML Users

Over 135 developers have downloaded the Click to Activate FreeBee that I developed to stop the annoying "Click to activate and use this control" message that DHTML end users get every time they try to run embedded media such as a flash file.  This issue was addressed and fixed by SumTotal Systems in Hotfix 1 for ToolBook 2004 SP3.  But, this only fixed the problem with draw objects being exported as vector graphics and fixing existing projects means re-exporting each ToolBook file.  My Fix Click to Activate FreeBee does not require re-exporting; it can be applied to already exported files, it also fixes the problem with all Active X controls like Flash and Windows Media Players

If you haven't downloaded the FreeBee yet, click here.  If you want to make sure that you don't have this problem in the future and you haven't downloaded the SumTotal Systems Hotfix, click here.

If you would like this issue fixed in a way that you don't have to remember to run my FreeBee after each export then see Special Actions and Export Utility below.

Quiz Summarizer Widget update

I am pleased to announce an upgrade of the Quiz Summarizer Widget. The upgrade includes several new features that have been suggested by fellow ToolBookers and customers.  Here are the new features:

  1. Number Answers and Results:  There is a new check box in the "General" tab of the Extended Properties Editor that when checked the Answers and Results columns will be numbered. This makes it easier for users to see the different answers and/or results. Note that the results are in the order presented in the question and not the order that the users selected them.

  2. New Feedback column:  This column displays the Delayed feedback of the question object. The Quiz Summarizer will determine if the question has been answered correctly, incorrectly or partially correct and display the appropriate delayed feedback.

  3. Styles Tab:  Advanced users who would like to change the style of various aspects of the Quiz Summary page, will now have access to that functionality.

If you wish to review the full details of the new features, click here to review the user guide.  Here you will be able to see the first two new features displayed by scrolling down to item 9 in the "How to Use the Quiz Summarizer" section to the "Really Hard Words Vocabulary Test" example.

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NEW Knowledge Base Tip! 

Have you ever wanted a simple solution to providing mouse over and mouse off effects without having to create individual images for:

  • Normal state (enabled)

  • Invert state (button down)

  • Disabled state (typically Normal by the caption is grey)

  • Mouse over or hover (this is the checked graphic in ToolBook)

Actually this has been a request on the ListServ from several ToolBookers for many years.
Well I finally cracked it and have published a way that you can add this new feature to your projects on the Knowledge Base.  Click here to go to that article.

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ToolBookDeveloper On-Line Store Now Accepts Credit Cards

For the past several years PayPal has been the only payment option on the on-line store.  The reason is that I wanted my prices to be in US Dollars yet, as an Australian, I was not able to accept US Dollars on my website.  Charging in Australian Dollars when most of my customers are American didn't make sense and with daily fluctuations on exchange rates, if the prices were in Australian Dollars, customers would never know the true cost of the order until credit card company converted the funds.  Recently however, I have been able to make an arrangement with an Australian bank to accept credit card transactions in US dollars.  This means that you can make purchases on using Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, or if you prefer, I still accept payment by PayPal. 

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Special Actions and Export Utility - Three MUST Have Utilities in One!

The Special Actions and Export Utility is actually three utilities in one:

  • It goes beyond the capabilities of standard ToolBook to validate actions and will perform deep validation of your Actions.  This will ensure that your action sequences will export properly.

  • It will fix your export, as you export, to eliminate the "Click to activate" message.  While my FreeBee Tool fixes this problem, it needs to be run after each export.  When you have the Special Actions and Export Utility, you simply need to check the box indicating that you wish to have the files updated with the fix and from that point forward, every project that you export will be automatically fixed.

  • It fixes the color palettes of GIFs created during the export process so they better reflect what you see in native ToolBook.  If you are frustrated with the way that ToolBook changes the look of your graphics after they are exported, then you will love this tool

For more information on the Special Actions and Export Utility, click here.

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Best regards,

Peter Jackson

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