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Now updated for ToolBook version 2004 DECAF (TBK 8.9 SP3)!!

Be sure to check out our TIPS for Upgrading to a new version of ToolBook also.

Batch DHTML Exporter

Do you have lots of ToolBooks to export at one time.  If you intend to update to ToolBook version 8.9 from 8.6 or 8.6 from 8.5 then you certainly do, because to take advantage of the new features you need to re-export all of your ToolBook programs. Now with the batch DHTML Exporter you can export ToolBooks in your sleep :-)

By using this Developer's Exchange Tool you can easily run several ToolBooks through the export process as a batch. 

How Does This FreeBee Work?

Simply open up the Batch DHTML Exporter and follow the instructions on the screen.  You will be asked to add the ToolBook files you wish to export to the batch list and then you will be brought to the familiar export screen.  Start the exporter and say goodnight to your computer.  In the morning your books should be done - unless they are really huge, there are lots of them, or they otherwise take an extraordinary amount of time to export :-(

How Can This FreeBee Be Used?

You can use this FreeBee in your own development of ToolBook projects.  You cannot give away or sell this FreeBee to others.  If you want others to be able to use the FreeBee, please direct them to this site to register for the FreeBee Newsletter and access to all of the FreeBees.

How Does the FreeBee Work During Development?

Very Simple :-)  Add your books, one at a time and as you do the properties screen pops up.  Set the export properties for the book and then select next.  (Yes, this does mean that you can have different export settings for each book that you are exporting :-).  When you are done adding your books, click on the start button, and go to sleep!    

Why I Developed the FreeBee

I have better things to do with my time than keep an eye on my computer so I can keep feeding it with ToolBooks that need to be exported - don't you? :-)

FreeBee Details

Developed in ToolBook v8.1 and now in 8.9The 8.1 version works fine with projects developed in v8.5/8.6, but you should scriptwalk the MultDHTML.tbk to v8.5/8.6 to avoid warning messages that the DevEx Tool is not in v8.5.

New Features of 8.9 (2004)

  • Allows for multiple files in a given folder to be selected.

  • Subsequent Multi-Exports don't open the properties dialog.

  • Enable/disable the automatic Media Players see Knowledge Base

  • Suppress Errors in your books, unfortunately ToolBook bullet points cause an error as they are not designed to be reset outside the main window. This option will allow the export process to continue if any errors are encountered.  Note that this may affect the actual exported files.

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Batch DHTML Tool


If you need help running this DevEx Tool locally, click here for the Click2Learn Knowledge Base Article that explains what you need to do.


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