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Most people add audios to their ToolBook projects by putting an audio player on each page and then assigning an audio file to the player. This works great until your project gets bigger and every page has an audio player on it. Eventually, your project will crash if it gets too big. And then, what if you want to add two or three audios onto a single page? The answer to this is to put the audio player on the background and then assign the audios to the player when they are needed. Easier said than done. - Right?

Enter the Audio Player Widget :-)

Click here to view a demonstration of the Audio Player Widget.

What is the Audio Player Widget?

The Audio Player Widget is a tool that allows you to use ONE audio player for your entire project (or one per background if you have multiple backgrounds).  Then you assign audios as often and whenever they are needed (even multiple times on the same page :-). This is achieved by simply adding the audio filenames to a recordField in the Widget. The Audio Player Widget will automatically trigger the play audio when ToolBook enters the page.

You can set the audios up to play in a series (sequence), when one audio is finished the Audio Player Widget will automatically play the next audio in the "Play List".

The "Play List" can be assigned at author level or you could allow the user to select the sequence and/or list to be played. 

Why Do I Need the Audio Player Widget?

There are lot of ways you can use the Audio Player Widget including:

For a no hassle way to move your audio from the foreground to the background to keep your book from coming to a grinding halt or worse yet, crashing.

If you want users to be able to trigger multiple audios on one page using buttons (for example, to provide more detailed question object feedback or perhaps to provide audio hints as shown in the demo).

To allow users to assemble and play their own custom audio. For example, in a simulation that I developed in ToolBook for the Australian Army, users would select the longitude and latitude coordinates to a target before firing. The course would then confirm their entry for example, "Two Zero Zero Alpha etc": This was simply a series of ToolBook clips played in the order that the user instructed by typing in the coordinates. Back then, there wasn't a way to do this so that it would export to the web... but now there is with the Audio Player Widget :-)

The possibilities are endless...and, you can use this Widget together with my PopText Widget and you will have an extremely powerful and interactive application without any hassle :-)  Click here to see what I mean.

How Does the Audio Player Widget Work During Development?

Simply drag and drop the Audio Player Widget from the Catalog onto the background and you are ready to start entering the audio file names into the recordField for each page.

The Audio Player Widget uses the Windows Media Player so unfortunately it will not work in Netscape.

Who Developed the Audio Player Widget?

I am the creator of the Audio Player Widget. I have used similar functionality in various projects I have worked on over the years.  Putting audio into ToolBook projects can be a big hassle for developers, especially when the player should be put on the background.  I developed this widget so that adding the player and the audio files themselves is easier for folks who don't want to spend a lot of time on this task.

Audio Player Widget Features

  • The ability to play audio in DHTML locally when using WMP version 9

  • Extremely easy to Install and use.

  • Online user guide. (Click here)

  • Save your ToolBook resources by moving your audios to the background. 

  • Play more than one audio file on a given page.
  • Play a list of audio files automatically.
  • Users can turn the Audio Player on/off.
  • Optional audio triggers enabling synchronicity:
    • AudioCompleted

    • AudioContinued

    • AudioError

    • AudioLoaded

    • AudioTurnedOff

    • AudioTurnedOn

    • AudioPaused

    • AudioReStarted

    • AudioStarted

    • AudioStopped

    • AudioEndPlayList

    • AudioNextPlayListAudio

    • AudioStartPlayList

Audio Player Widget™ Pricing

$149 per Developer LicenseQuantity Discounts are available.

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