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Add a New and Challenging Twist to ToolBook Questions

Grid Questions are a great way to add interactivity to your revision (exercise) pages and to your quizzes. They allow you to add a level of depth and complexity to questions that is often difficult to achieve with basic multiple choice questions. Yet, grid questions are no more difficult to design and configure than standard multiple choice question objects...providing you use the Grid Question Widget :-)

So...What Exactly is the Grid Question???

The Grid Question object is a standard ToolBook Multiple Choice Question object, with a big difference:-) With this question widget, you can develop unique multiple-choice "grid" questions. The grid is constructed of rows and columns. By placing descriptive text in the respective column and row headers, each grid intersection in essence becomes a true or false answer based on the intersecting row and column headings. This allows you to create complex, two dimensional multiple-choice questions.
Click here for a demonstration of the Grid Question Object.

Feedback can be immediate or delayed and can be color coded as shown below.

Why Do I Need the Grid Question Object?

  1. You need to use standard ToolBook questions but want to have more challenging questions than you can have with standard multiple choice questions.
  2. It is impossible to ask your question with just a one dimensional answer.
  3. You want to add learner activity without programming complexity.
  4. You want complex questions, but you want them to fit onto one page.
  5. You want to challenge you learners that think beyond the simple A, B, C, or D answers.

How Does the Grid Question Object Work During Development?

If you know how to use a multiple choice question object, you know how to use the grid question object :-)  Below you will see how similar the Grid Question Object Extended Properties Editor looks to the Multiple Choice Question Object editor.  The only difference is that you have a tab for columns and a tab for rows.  Note that you can even pick you own colors for the fill and stroke for the column and row headings. 

What makes the Grid Question object even easier to use is that it automatically sizes the rows and columns for you so that everything fits once you have added your headings. 

Who Developed the Grid Question Object?

I am the creator of the Grid Question Object. One of my customers regularly uses grid type questions and after seeing them struggle with setting the questions up over the past couple of years I developed this widget for them.  When I was done, it dawned on me that this is a pretty good way to ask complex and challenging questions.  My customer encouraged me to make the widget available to others.

Grid Question Object Features

  • Easy to Use Extremely easy to Install.  Once installed, just pop it onto a page from the catalog. Open up the Extended Properties Editor and type in your column and row headings, select your colors, indicate which answers are correct and add your feedback.
  • Auto-Sizing Grid The Grid will automatically resize to fit the row and column text.
  • Great for DHTML Exports with full functionality. Data feeds into a SCORM compliant LMS just like a multiple choice question does.
  • Immediate or Delayed Feedback Just like a multiple choice question object, you determine when to give your learners feedback.
  • Visual Feedback Provides visual color-coded feedback as well as text feedback that you add.
  • Quick and Easy Set-Up Can be set up and running in a matter of minutes.

Grid Question Object™ Price

$149 per Developer LicenseQuantity Discounts are available.

Also available as part of a Bargain Bundle - Substantial Savings!

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