The Problem with Storyboarding


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The Problem with Storyboarding

Most computer-based training starts with a storyboard and typically the storyboard is first drafted by a Subject Matter Expert (SME).  The SME develops the content and hands that over to the ToolBook developer(s) who then turn it into a computer/web-based training course.

But, how do you get the content from the SME into ToolBook.  That depends on what the SME used to develop the content in the first place.  Word and Powerpoint are the SME storyboard tools of choice although there are more sophisticated storyboarding tools available.  So back to the question, how does the ToolBook developer get the content from the storyboard into ToolBook.  Most often it is good old copy, paste, copy, paste, copy, paste.  Yuk!  Very time consuming not to mention the opportunity for error and the need for double-proofing; once in the storyboard and once in ToolBook.

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The Solution

I developed a PowerPoint to ToolBook converter tool for a customer of mine (Resource Engineering) that takes their PowerPoint storyboards and builds a ToolBook program from them.  At their encouragement I have developed a more generic off-the-shelf tool that other developers can use as well. 

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