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If you are looking for a way to add more interactivity to your projects without a lot of extra work on your part, the PopText Widget may be just what you need. works in Native ToolBook AND when exported to the web :-)

See the PopText in action - This demonstrates just a few of ways that you can use the PopText Widget.

What is the PopText Widget?

A good way to think about the PopText Widget is as a page within a page. Basically, anything that you would add to a page, you could add to a PopText item. Then you can control the PopText items from navigation buttons within the PopText Widget. The PopText object can be sized to fit your needs. So, whenever you want to provide your users with more detail or information about something on a page, you have a perfect application for PopText. You can use hotwords in the PopText Widget to give your user the ability to jump from one PopText item to another, not necessarily in the sequence that the items are in.

Don't like the default yellow background and MS Sans Serif font in the PopText Widget?  Now you can easily customize PopText to look exactly the way you want it to look!  Click on the thumbnail below to see how easy it now is to customize your PopText.

If you are already a PopText Customer, you get this feature upgrade for FREE!  Just go to your original download link and use your username and password to download the latest version :-)

Why Do I Need the PopText Widget?

Here are some ideas for how you could use PopText:

To show mathematical formulas and equations - You can have graphics of each step of the equation and show how you would step through the formula.

A step-by-step procedure explained in detail - The first item of the PopText could be a little table of contents so learners can jump to steps they wish to see.

As a mini photo or graphic album - Lets say that you want to show several different graphics/pictures and you want your users to be able to select the graphic and/or flip through all of graphics/pictures.

To explain something on the page - For example, with a computer simulation, you might want to provide a more detailed description of the elements on the screen.

The possibilities are endless...and, you can use this Widget together with my Audio Player Widget and you will have an extremely powerful and interactive application without any hassle :-)  Click here to see what I mean.

How Does the PopText Widget Work During Development?

The PopText Widget is easy to use during development. Just drag it onto your page from the catalog. The extended properties will allow you to easily customize the look and functionality of your PopText. You can have PopText on every page of your project if you want. You decide if it is always visible on the page or if your user has to click a button to pop-up the PopText.

Who Developed the PopText Widget?

I am the creator of the PopText Widget. While I have used similar functionality in various projects I have worked on over the years, I was unable to get this type of tool to work when exported to the web. However, with the addition of the Action Methods, I was able to make this work for Native and DHTML projects.

PopText Widget Features

  • Extremely easy to Install and use.

  • Online User Guide.

  • Add depth of content and greater interactivity to your pages.

PopText Widget™ Price

$149 per Developer LicenseQuantity Discounts are available.

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