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Updating the Progress Bar Widget from TB8.9 SP1 to TB8.9 (2004) SP3 Decaf

Progress Bar Widget

Add a little more interaction to your ToolBook project and at the same time let your users know where they are and how much further they have to go... Using the Progress Bar Widget is simple, graphically pleasing and a lot better than the standard Page # of ##. not only works in Native ToolBook but it also is fully functional when exported to the web :-)

Click here to view a demonstration of the Progress Bar Widget.

What is the Progress Bar Widget?

The Progress Bar Widget is a simple progress indicator.  It can be sized to fit your needs and you can have more than one progress bar on the background and/or page, even in DHTML. So, whenever you want to provide your users with a progress percentage, you have a perfect application for Progress Bar.

Don't like the default color and style in the Progress Bar category?  That's easy to change and you don't need anything special to make the change.  That's because the Progress Bar consists of simple ToolBook fields. So all you need to do is change the colors and styles using the standard properties editor.

Don't like the size, height and width - again that's easy, just resize it to suit your interface.

Be creative...go wild...the sky is the limit!  Here I have placed a .gif  graphic over the progress bar.  You are actually seeing the green progress bar underneath the graphic through a transparency that has been set on the graphic.

Why Do I Need the Progress Bar Widget?

  1. All of the programming work has been done for you.  You just add it to your project and customize it to suit your needs and you are done!
  2. Even if you change your interface, updating the progress bar will take just a few minutes.
  3. It will function exactly the same in native ToolBook, Neuron, and DHTML ToolBook.
  4. You can have multilevel progress bars to indicate progress in a unit, lesson, and section all on the same page running at the same time.
  5. You can even use the progress bar to show progress while processing your ToolBook scripts.

How Does the Progress Bar Widget Work During Development?

The Progress Bar Widget is easy to use during development. Just drag it onto your background from the catalog. The extended properties will allow you to easily customize how the Progress Bar will work in author and reader mode. You can have additional Progress Bars on the background and/or on pages of your project if you wish.

Use the Re-Build percentage to automatically load the correct page percentage.

If you have more than one background you have a choice: Is the current background a different section or part of the entire book. Maybe this the quiz is a part of the learning experience and you want to show a different progression.

Who Developed the Progress Bar Widget?

I am the creator of the Progress Bar Widget. While I have used similar functionality in various projects I have worked on over the years, I was unable to get this type of tool to work when exported to the web. However, with the addition of the Action Methods, I was able to make this work for Native and DHTML projects.

Progress Bar Widget Features

  • Extremely easy to Install and use.

  • Add depth of content and greater interactivity to your pages.

Progress Bar Widget™ Price

$75 per Developer LicenseQuantity Discounts are available.

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