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Why Do I Need Software Protection?

Chances are Software Piracy is something you would rather not have to worry about. But even your most honest and best intentioned customers may be misusing your software license and they may not even know that they are. Then there are the folks who know that they are "stretching" your license a bit. Still there are others who may be blatantly violating your software license. You may even have a corporate customer who will not buy your software if your cannot assure them that they will not be able to violate your license.

In any case, these days software protection is the standard and customers have come to expect it and accept it.

Protecting ToolBook Projects Is Unique

Most software protection is designed to protect one application (an exe) that is being run from either a local machine or across the network. Basically, the user goes into the application, does something, and then exits the application. ToolBook projects, on the other hand, may consist of many different books that users are going in and out of. This complicates how the software is protected, especially when the program is running over a network where there may be multiple machines and/or users accessing the ToolBook files at one time.

A good example of how complex software protection can get is a customer of mine that has eight courses, all managed through a customized version of my SLMS :-).  Each of the eight courses consisted of two to eight ToolBooks. For network versions which were sold on a per concurrent user per course basis, we had to have a way to keep track of the number of users in each course. But, because users could move between courses with the SLMS bookmarking system, we also had to be able to decrease the number of users in one course and increase the number of users in another course as users accessed the other courses through their bookmarks. Very tricky stuff, but we were able to do it in a professional and secure way.

How Software Protection Works

When users login for the first time they are asked to register their product.  They can do it automatically on-line or they can register by phone, fax, or e-mail. 

When the authorization has been accepted, the application is authorized :-)

Protection Plus from Software Key

I wasn't interested in building a protection system from the ground up because there are lots of off-the-shelf systems available on the market today. After some research and input from customers I settled on Protection Plus from Software Key. The Protection Plus System provides a great deal of functionality including automated on-line unlock and the ability to upgrade or modify licenses over the phone or through the internet which means no need to send or e-mail new license keys or software packages.

Integrating Protection Plus with ToolBook Projects

Unfortunately, because of the unique nature of software protection needs with ToolBook Projects, a fair amount of customization of the Software Key System was required.  The good news is that this work is done :-)  So, to build Protection Plus software protection into ToolBook projects now is much easier.

Because software protection is only as good as the integrity of the entire software protection system, I custom tailor the Protection Plus System to each customers needs. That way, each customer knows that they are getting a software protection system that only they and I have the code to.

Once I design the software protection for a customer (typically through a system book) the customer is able to maintain the system without my involvement.  Maintenance includes "unlocking" or registering software for your customers, increasing the number of users, moving a program between machines, or upgrading a demo to a full working version as just a few examples. In addition, new projects will automatically include the software protection functionality as long as they use the software protection system book.

What Exactly Can You Protect?

You can start your program out as a thirty day (or whatever number of days or hours or launches you wish) demo

Then you can provide your customer with an unlock code that will authorize full program access on the authorized computer or computers only.

Now let's say that your customer loves your program so much they want to be able to run it across their LAN. No problem at all. They simply install it on the LAN and you authorize it for LAN use and if you want for a specified number of concurrent users.

Maybe your customers buy a one year license. No problem, just set the expiration date for one year. After the end of the year, if they buy another one year license, no problem, just set the expiration date for another year out.

All of these changes and more can be done over the phone or through an automated on-line registration process.

What does the Software Protection System Cost?

There are two basic costs associated with this software protection System.

  • Protection Plus Software - Between $350 and $1000 depending on your needs.  I will help you decide which option is best for your needs.

  • Integration into your ToolBook Project

Because each developer has unique software protection needs and other circumstances, the cost to you will depend on the level of software that you need from Protection Plus and the amount of integration that needs to be done with your books. Therefore, it is impossible for me to give a firm quote without talking with you first. Once I have a better idea of your situation, I will provide you with a quote that includes the Protection Plus Software that you need as well as my services for integration.

Who Developed This Software Protection System?

Working with the developers at Protection Plus, I have developed a system for integrating Protection Plus into ToolBook projects that is being used in a very complex and demanding software protection environment.

Software Protection Features

  • Professional and well-accepted by customers.

    • Automated on-line unlock makes registration painless and not offensive for your customers. Also allows for 24/7 registration availability.

  • Does not take time to implement or manage

    • Easy to maintain and build protection functionality into new projects.

    • Registration process is easy to manage and does not require developer involvement.

  • Well-tested and very secure.

  • One fixed site license price, does not matter how many ToolBook developers you have or how many different ToolBook products you protect. - One price fits all:-)

Software Protection Price

Please Note:
Software Protection is too important to you for me to be able to sell a "Shrink wrapped off the shelf" solution. There are many security issues and many different options available, you also need to be assured that your implementation is unique.
The demonstration will show many of the features of the product and Protection Plus.
If you would like me to send you a copy of the demonstration then please e-mail me, including information about your requirements.
Regards, Peter

$499 per Developer License NOTE:  Requires the Protection Plus Third Party ActiveX Control from Concept Software.

* Because each developer's protection needs and their ToolBook products are different, integration of the Software Protection system book will require some customization.
The hard work of developing the process for integrating the Protection Plus ActiveX control into your products has already been done and proven with a very complex learning management system that included 10 plus courses comprised of over 50 separate ToolBook files. This system is being used around the world.  Now we just need to transfer that technology to your ToolBook project.

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