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  • Close the learning loop by providing learners with complete feedback on the results of their quiz.

  • Upon viewing the results allow users to jump back to specific questions to review the question feedback.

  • Optionally print a copy of the summary results.

  • Works natively and in ToolBook DHTML.

  • Works in IE, NS and Firefox browsers.

Quiz Summarizer

The Quiz Summarizer will give your learners specific and detailed feedback on the results of their quiz.  Learners will know exactly which questions were answered correctly and which were wrong because the Quiz Summarizer produces a summary table.  The summary table can display a number of different items - you, the developer choose exactly what you want your learners to see.  Options include:  The question text, all of the possible answers to the question, the results (which answers were selected and not selected, color-coded to show which are correct and incorrect), the score for the question, the minimum and maximum score possible, the number of tries, and the time spent on the question.  You also have the option to provide a link back to the question so that the learner can review the feedback for the question.  Add to this the ability to print the summary table - if you the author wish to provide this functionality:-)

Below is an example (from the demo) of the the results produced by the Quiz Summarizer.  Don't like the colors, want to add other information such as max score - no problem - just make your choices in the extended property editor.

Really Hard Words Vocabulary Test

Correct answers are GREEN, Incorrect answers are RED, Correct but not selected are ORANGE

Review Word Answers Results Score Time Spent Feedback
Review comminute
1. To reduce to particles.
2. To travel to work using transit.
3. To live in a public place.
4. An unpleasant surprise.
1. To reduce to particles.
2. To travel to work using transit.
0 00:00:05 Incorrect
Review excogitate
1. To live in a foreign country.
2. Speaking in tongues.
3. To think out, devise.
4. A highly educated person.
3. To think out, devise.
1 00:00:07 Correct
Review refocillate
1. To grow hair.
2. To revive with warmth.
3. To be focused on the past.
4. To flush with fresh water.
1. To grow hair.
2. To revive with warmth.
0 00:00:11 Incorrect
Review rhymster
1. One who sings Irish songs.
2. An earthen strawberry planter.
3. An inferior poet.
4. A type of fresh water fish.
3. An inferior poet.
1 00:00:08 Correct
Review oneric
1. Wealthy.
2. Dreamy.
3. Sleepy.
4. Satisfied.
2. Dreamy.
1 00:00:15 Correct

Click here to view a demo of the Quiz Summarizer.

Before the Quiz Summarizer

Learner's could score questions one at a time (if you, the developer, provided them with that option) and they can get the score for the quiz at the end of the quiz.  But with standard ToolBook, there is not really an easy way to give your learners a question-by-question summary of their results - without a LOT of programming, as I have done for you with this widget.

After the Quiz Summarizer

Simply drop the ToolBookDeveloper Quiz Summarizer Widget from your catalog onto a page after the score page.  Then, open up the extended properties editor and customize the way you wish to display the summarized results to your learners.

Why Do I Need the Quiz Summarizer?

  1. Easily summarize quiz results in one table that you have set up to include the information to which you want your learners’ to have access.  
  2. Allow learners to easily link back to questions after scoring and summarizing the quiz so that they can review question feedback.
  3. You may not think that you need the Quiz Summarizer...but your learners need it! A quiz should be a learning tool.  But, it is only a learning tool if your learners can review the question-by-question results after scoring the quiz.
  4. Save development time   You too can create a Summarizer like this, but really, how much time will it take you?  It took me days and a heck of a lot of testing.  But you can have the Quiz Summarizer for just $249 per developer license.
  5. Rapid ROI  The Quiz Summarizer will pay for itself in no time if you require this type of functionality.

How Does the Quiz Summarizer Work During Development?

Easy! Create your quiz book and include a score page. Now, just add a new page called, for example, ‘QuizSummary’, drop the Quiz Summarizer Widget onto this page and open the Extended Properties Editor.  Walk through the settings and you are now ready to deploy the quiz either for native use or exported to the web.  For complete and detailed instructions on how to use the Quiz Summarizer, please see the User Guide.

Who Developed the Quiz Summarizer?

I am the creator of the Quiz Summarizer. Questions about quiz summarization are often brought up on The ToolBook ListServe.  There is not really an easy answer to these questions.  However, I have implemented such code for several customers of mine and decided that it might be a worthwhile product for the ToolBook community at large.

Quiz Summarizer Features

  • Works with Native ToolBook projects, Neuron deployed projects, and ToolBook DHTML exported projects.

  • Web deployed files works in IE, NS and Firefox

  • Online user guide. (Click here)

  • Extremely easy to Install and use.

  • Supports the following question objects:

    • Multiple Choice Questions - including field type

    • Definable Multiple Choice Questions

    • Grid Questions (a product)

    • Taquin Questions (a product)

    • True/False Questions

    • Match Item and Match Object Questions

    • Fill In The Blank Questions

Quiz Summarizer™ Price

$249 per Developer LicenseQuantity Discounts are available

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