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  • Quickly and easily add a Learning Management System to your existing native ToolBook applications.
  • Keep training records safe and private with student and administration level login.
  • Students can customize their training with the ability to save up to 10 bookmarks and to maintain their own notes as part of the training.
  • This system integrates with existing ToolBook technology by using the standard ToolBook log files.
  • All data stored in an MS Access® database and summary log data can be exported to csv file for further analysis using MS Excel®.

Student Log Management System

The Student Log Management System is a simple Learning Management System that can be used to manage and track Native ToolBook Courses. It includes a logon system that requires a username and password, it can track training progress and quiz scores, and offers administrative functionality that provides a great deal of customization in the way that courses and users are managed. The data is maintained in an MS Access database format which gives administrators the ability to create a number of useful reports using MS Access. The SLMS can also be easily localized to meet multi-lingual requirements.

Why Do I Need the Student Log Management System?

  1. Professional  The SLMS provides a solid professional login process that tracks training for up to 1000 students.
  2. Track scores and log data  This gives administrators detailed information on student usage and test progress.
  3. No Programming Necessary  All of the programming work has been done for you. You just open up the Extended Properties Editor and set appropriate options to suit your application.
  4. High Return on Investment  The Student Log Management System will easily pay for itself immediately upon set-up because there will be no time required for programming.  It is an ideal product for ToolBook consultants and programmers to offer to customers who need a powerful Native Learning Management System. 

How Does the Student Log Management System Work During Development?

The Student Log Management System is easy to use during development because it has a number of catalog objects.

Drag and drop the SLMS Widget onto the first page of each of your applications and the Extended Properties Editor will automatically open.

Drag and drop the Set Bookmark and Go To Bookmark Widgets onto the background and you instantly can set bookmarks and go to bookmarked pages.

Who Developed the Student Log Management System?

I am the creator of the Student Log Management System. Actually this product was originally developed in version 6.5 for a fellow ToolBooker and they have convinced me of the need for a Native LMS.  I'm sure that you will find that the product will pay for itself in no time at all.

Student Log Management System Features

  • Extremely easy to Install and use.
  • Online user guide. (Click here)
  • Allows you have multi-student tracking within your applications.

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