Support and Maintenance Upgrades Policy

With the exception of Power Book Builder support for ALL add-on products is handled by a support ‘club’ to which you are automatically granted membership for a year when you purchase any of them. Thereafter your continued membership will require the payment of a small annual fee ($49.00).

Power Book Builder users should refer to the section below for specific information relating to that particular product, but support will handled along the same lines as those set out below.

In ALL cases support club membership is allocated to the LICENSED DEVELOPER. When you purchase a product from you will be asked to provide the name of the licensed developer and it is this person who will be the club member. If your organization has several licensed developers then only those with a current club membership will be entitled to support and product upgrades, You cannot, for example, maintain club membership for one licensed develop and share support and upgrades amongst the other developers in your organization.

How does the support club work?

Regrettably keeping add-on products current with each new version of ToolBook is never quite as simple as running them through the version updater. More often than not even service packs and patches will require a significant amount of re-programming and testing to ensure full compatibility with the current version of ToolBook, which can run into several days work for each product. The support club aims to provide an equitable means for both the user and developer to balance the cost of this work.

If you are a member:
You are entitled to unlimited e-mail support for all of your registered products as well as upgrades to your registered products as they become available. At the same time should it become necessary for you to re-download one of your registered products for any reason you will be sent a link from which you may do so at no additional cost. 

If you are not a member or your membership has lapsed:
You are free to use the knowledge base where you will find answers to the most common problems. Unfortunately, you are not entitled to no cost links to re-download a product should you require it. For that reason I strongly advise that you keep backup copies of all products you purchase from see Keeping Backup copies of my ToolBook Developer Products.

How long does my support club membership last?

Technically support club membership lasts for one year, but you know how I like to do things a little differently down under, so I have divided the year into quarters and club membership runs to the end of each calendar quarter. Look at the table below:

If you purchase a product  or club membership between

Your memberships runs until

January 1st  to March 31st

March 30th the following year

April 1st to June 30th

June 30th the following year

July 1st to September 30th

September 30th the following year

October 1st to December 31st

December 31st the following year

What happens to my existing club membership if I buy another product?
When you purchase a product from you automatically get a year’s membership of the support club.  If you then purchase another product (with the exception of the Power Book Builder) from during that period then your membership period will be extended until the new product’s qualifying period of membership expires.  This process could continue indefinitely if you regularly purchase products.

What happens if I do not have a current club membership?
If this is the case then you may purchase an upgrade to your product(s) at a 50% discount off the retail price (this applies to re-downloads as well). You will automatically qualify for a year’s free membership of the club at the same time.  Support can also be purchased (at $89.00 per incident) and again your purchase will automatically qualify for a year’s free membership.

Power Book Builder Only

The basic principles of club membership apply to Power Book Builder with a few essential differences.

  1. The annual cost of membership is $249.00 as opposed to $49.00.

  2. Purchasing other products does not automatically extend the support club membership for Power Book Builder.

  3. If your organization has several Power Book Builder licenses at one site, and an additional license or licenses are purchased for that site then all of the licenses at that site will be synchronized to expire a year following the most recent purchase.