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Are you tired of standard question objects?  Do you want to add some fun to your training?  With Taquin Question Object you can add a whole new dimension to your training and best of all, it won't take you days or even hours to do it! 

What is Taquin Question Object?

Taquin Question Object is a unique question type that provides a combination of Multiple Choice, Ordered List and Match Item type questions. Unlike a static question object that provides limited interaction and feedback, Taquin Question Object transforms itself as users sequentially select their answers.  When selected, correct answers move into the right location and all remaining choices rearrange themselves and make room for the next correct answer.

See a web-based demo of this exciting question object here

Why Do I Need Taquin Question Object?

Taquin Question Object makes your exercises and quizzes more interesting, challenging, and complex.  This means that your learners will be more engaged which leads to greater retention and learning transfer. 

Click here to learn how Taquin Question Object can make your training more effective. 

How Does Taquin Question Object Work During Development?

Everything that you need to develop your own Taquin Question Objects will get installed right into your catalog.  Just as you would do with any catalog object, drag the Taquin Question Object from the catalog to your ToolBook page.  Then, the familiar extended property editor will appear and you can set up the question from there except you will notice that the extended property editor for Taquin Question Object has additional features that makes set-up even easier.

Who Developed Taquin Question Object?

Peter Jackson is the creator of Taquin Question Object.  He originally designed the object to address some unique training requirements with his own clients including the Australian Army.  Peter is well known in the ToolBook community for his innovative and elegant solutions to some of the most perplexing ToolBook challenges.

What Exactly Does Taquin Mean Anyway?

Do you remember the handheld puzzle that you used to play with as a kid?  The one with the nine squares that you would move around, one at a time, to unscramble a picture.  Taquin comes from the French term jeu de taquin which means game of teasing. 

Taquin Question Object Features

  • Works natively, with Neuron, or can be published to the web in dhtml

  • Taquin is a true ToolBook Question Widget with all of the standard ToolBook Question Widget options

  • Limits on interaction

  • Reset options

  • Scoring, Immediate and Delayed feedback, etc

  • Limit tries per answer – not just for the whole question

  • Embed questions within a question

  • Score each answer on the first attempt, after x attempts, or allow unlimited attempts

  • Full integration with all other standard ToolBook question Widgets

  • Layout dialog provides correctly aligned layout – by row, by column or circular

  • Extended Properties Editor includes a detailed help file.

  • Includes a Catalog of Taquin questions

  • Online user guide. (Click here)

With interesting and unique behaviours and unlimited layout options the Taquin Question Object™ will greatly enhance your users’ learning experience.

Taquin Question Object™ Price

$149 per Developer LicenseQuantity Discounts are available.

Also available as part of a Bargain Bundle - Substantial Savings!

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