Methods Primer

Functionally, Method Actions are exactly the same as Shared Actions, the difference is where the Actions are stored and their scope. To read more about Method Actions and how to create them go to the FreeBee section and select "Method Actions" (Link not provided as you are in a Popup:-) 
Note that this example uses the Methods in the FreeBee #2 Quick Course - Better Message Boxes (Again, the link is not provided as you are in a Popup:-)
To use a Method Action you need to "Execute" the Action. From the Insert menu, select Action, Object, Execute Method:

The following dialog will popup and allow you to select the object that has Method Actions. Once selected you then need to select the Method to Execute. If the Method has parameters you would then define these parameters. Finally you would optionally specify a variable to store the returned value.

That's it, simple right?

I have noticed that sometimes the variables do not redisplay correctly in the above dialog when open on subsequent occasions. The details are not lost, they just don't redisplay??? So it would be a good idea to use variables with a similar name as the "Parameter Name". This "undocumented feature" (bug) will not happen if you pass a number or string (in quotes).

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