ToolBookDeveloper's Installation Guide


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This guide is designed primarily to help you understand the installation  process for all ToolBookDeveloper product products except for Power Book Builder.

Please note:

You will find it easier to complete the registration if you have ensured that you have an open and active internet connection.

For illustrative purposes the dialogs shown all refer to the Trial Universal Object Browser, but the process is the same for all products except for Power Book Builder. products are delivered electronically in the form of a self extracting zip file. When you follow the link you will have been sent to download your product and you click the download button on the web page you will be presented with the following dialog.

Whilst you could run the file from the web server we recommend that you save it to a directory on your computer so that you have a backup copy should you require it again at a later date. Once you have safely downloaded it you can run the file. You will see the following dialogs:

By default products are extracted to C:\Program Files\NirvanaBound. You can accept the default or select a directory of your choice. When you are happy click ‘Unzip’.

As soon as the files have been extracted the installation routine will start automatically.

Click ‘Install’.

With the installation completed successfully registration of the product is initiated.

Click here for the Registration User Guide for information on the registration process.