Look for this logo that indicates tools that are upgraded and are ready for use with ToolBook Instructor 9.0.  Click here for the most recent listing of upgraded products.

Upgrade Policy

You are guaranteed to have a version products you purchase from that will work with the most current version of ToolBook providing you have a active support and maintenance agreement.  The only exception to this is if programming in ToolBook has been changed to the point that it is impossible for me to provide the same functionality in the product/widget OR if the functionality of my tool have been built into the newer version of ToolBook. 

Upgrade Availability

Because I donít have access to new versions of ToolBook until it is available to all users, it impossible for me to provide upgrades at the exact same time as a new release of ToolBook.  However, I make my best effort to provide upgrades as soon after new versions of ToolBook are released.  In any case, upgrades to my products/widgets will be available within three months of the release of a new version of ToolBook.

Who is Eligible for an Upgrade?

For all products except Power Book Builder - All active members of the Support club are entitled to free upgrades to all products licensed to them.

Power Book Builder - All developers with an active support agreement in place are eligible for free upgrades of Power Book Builder.

Click here for information on the Support Club and Support agreements.

How To Get Upgrades

You will need to request a download link to get access to upgrades of products.  Requesting a download link is simple and is an automated process that works 24/7/365.  To get a download link for products registered to you, you will need your Store Login Name, password, and order number.  Don't worry if you don't know these, there are ways to retrieve all of this information on the Request Download Link page.

Click here to request a download link.