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If you want to add context sensitive-like help to your project, the WIT (What Is This?) Widget is what you need.

What is the WIT Widget?

The WIT Widget is an easy way to add "Help" to your projects.  When users right click on something that is "WITized" they see "What's This?" 

When they click on "What's This" they get the description that you have added using the simple WIT Widget.



Here's how easy it was to create this WIT.


Why Do I Need the WIT Widget?

There are lot of ways you can use the WIT System including:

  • Enhance simulations by adding "What Is Its" to key screen elements.

  • Simplify busy pages by putting detailed information into WITs.

  • Eliminate the need of extensive help systems by putting the help right on your objects.

Simply put, the WIT Widget is a great way to add additional content and interactivity to your projects that is easy for you to add and maintain, yet looks professional and is easy for your users to access.

How Does the WIT Widget Work During Development?

I recommend using the WIT Widget once your basic project is built.  Then, run your project in reader mode and control right-click on the ToolBook that needs the WIT. The WIT Widget will pop-up and your can add your WIT text.  If you want, you can test the WIT right in the WIT Widget to make sure it looks exactly as you want it to look.  Select OK and just remember to save your book and your project has now been WITized :-)

Simply add the WIT Widget from the Catalog to your ToolBook program and it will have WIT functionality available. The WIT information for each project is stored right in the ToolBook program itself.   

Who Developed the WIT Widget?

I am the creator of the WIT Widget. I originally developed the WIT Widget for my own products and decided that this was just too cool for just me:-)

WIT Widget Features

  • Add professional looking popup help to your ToolBook programs.

  • WIT text supports richText format which allows for colors, bolding, fonts, etc.
  • Hotwords link to additional WIT text allowing for <More> or <Also see...>

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