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As we've been reading on the ToolBook ListServe, ToolBook version 9 will not allow the old style of linking DLLs and will only allow you to link 32 bit DLLs. Many of us have scripts that include the linking of the 16 bit DLLs. Since version 6 we have been able to link to 32 bit DLLs. However, many of us haven't because we have old books that have been updated from 6 to 7 to ... and have never had any problems with them:-)

16-Bit dlls and ToolBook Version 9.0

When we upgrade to TB v9, however, any 16 bit DLLs that we are currently using will not work and we will probably get an exception report informing us what the problem is??  We need to be concerned about both standard ToolBook DLLs and specialized DLLs. The specialized DLLs are of particular concern because they may/will be too complex to enabled a programmatic solution:-(

Start Converting Your 16-bit dlls Now

If you have a ToolBook application v6 or higher and plan on upgrading to version 9 you might want to consider beginning that conversion process now so that when v9 comes out you will have a smooth and relatively painless transition. After all, you can actually make the change today and begin using the updated DLLs in your existing projects developed in v6 or higher:-).

Assistance with dll Conversion

If you would like assistance in this conversion please don't hesitate to contact me off list. My rates are very reasonable and the conversion + testing could be at little as $50 to $100US.

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